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5-2-10 Psychedelicatessen In Association With Her Majesty The Queen

The Psychedelicatessen with Psychedelic Rick, 5/2/2010 @ 20:29

Artist/ "Song"/ Album.

Traffic /"Bill Graham Intro"/ 11-18-70 Fillmore East.
Traffic /"Medicated Goo"/ 11-18-70 Fillmore East.
Traffic /"Pearly Queen" /11-18-70 Fillmore East.
Traffic /"Empty Pages" /11-18-70 Fillmore East.
Traffic /"Heaven Is In Your Mind"/ 11-18-70 Fillmore East.
Traffic "Forty Thousand Headman"/11-18-70 Fillmore East.
Traffic/ "John Barleycorn"/ 11-18-70 Fillmore East.
Traffic/ "Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring"/ 11-18-70 Fillmore East.
Traffic/ "Every Mother's Son" /11-18-70 Fillmore East.
Traffic/ "Glad>Freedom Rider" /11-18-70 Fillmore East.
Traffic /"Means To An End"/ 11-18-70 Fillmore East.
Traffic/ "Dear Mr. Fantasy"/ 11-18-70 Fillmore East.
Traffic /"Shouldn't Have Took More Then You Gave"/ Welcome To the Canteen.
Traffic /"Gimme Some Lovin'"/ Welcome To the Canteen.
The Beatles /"I Want To Be Your Man " /With The Beatles.
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The Psychedelicatessen
Sun 9p-10:30p


Reviewer: Ziaflower - - June 25, 2010
Subject: Traffic
Great show Rick. Took me way down memory lane. Thanks -Sandy